The Renting Revolution is Here

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At Lend The Trend, we keep it simple, straightforward, and certainly sleek. True to our name, we are a fashion rental company that spices up sustainability. Based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and launched in 2019, we are one of the first of our kind in the region.

We empower the reuse of beloved fashion pieces by enabling women to lend their most treasured wardrobe items, via our website and mobile application, to fellow fashionable femmes––who wish to dress the way they dream, albeit for a little less.

Change the way you look––and while you’re at it, the way the world looks, too.

Ready to Rent?

Couldn't stop thinking about the endless possibilities of renting? We know exactly how you feel.

Ready, set, rent. Let’s guide you through a few simple steps.

Step Two: Browse

Browse until you find your ideal item. You may filter your size and desired color, or other specifications, using our platform’s filter features.

Step Four: Schedule a Pickup

We will contact you, after a short while, to confirm your desired delivery date and time.

Step Six: Schedule a Return

We contact you to schedule a pickup date, and that’s that!

Looking to Lend?

Looking to lend the latest trends? We saw it coming, too!

Welcome to your first step into the journey of fashionable sustainability. You’re not only helping the environment, one piece at a time; you’re also helping your fellow females feel much more fashion-forward.

We know you have a lot to think about, so we decided to make the process easier for you in clear, simple steps:

Step Two: Take a Photo

Upload photos of the items that you wish to lend. Don’t worry; we will professionally photograph your items later.

Step Four: Finalize Your Payment Agreement

We will provide you with an advisory price for renting your item. – We take a 50% commission on each transaction. – Our basic rental fee is the amount of the dress, minus 45 SR for dry cleaning.

Step Six: Set to Lend!

Within 15 business days, we professionally photograph your items, then publish it on our platform!

Contact Us

The rental revolution starts here.

Missing out? Not for long. To access it, visit our website, or download our mobile application.

Mobile: 0506555811

Email: [email protected]

Address: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2170 An Naim - An Naim Dist. Unit No 52 Jeddah 23526 - 8716