Lend the Trend FAQS


  • What is Lend the Trend?

Lend the Trend is a fashion rental company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Lend the Trend allows multi-brands boutiques, fashion designers, and consumers to lend, sell & rent designer items with one another. It’s a platform that enables women to make quick money whenever the piece they have lent gets rented or sold to a customer.

  • Where is Lend the Trend available?

Currently, we are available in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified for future updates.

How it works

  • How does Lend the Trend work?


  • As a Renter:

The transaction process on the website and app starts with you choosing an item, checking the size, requesting the dates you want the piece reserved for, inputting your payment information, and confirming your order.

We will contact you to confirm the delivery once your order is booked. Your order will then arrive on the desired date and will be returned on the fourth day by following the messenger return instructions provided. You will then be contacted on the return date to schedule the pick-up of the dress.

 If you have misplaced the instructions, please contact us on [email protected]


  • As a Lender:

You can lend and sell your item on Lend the Trend quite easily:

  1. Register/Login with your account
  2. Go to “Lend” page to submit your dresses
  3.  Fill in the item Submission form (All you have to do is attach photos of your dress for us to process them. Don't worry, we professionally photograph your submission later.)
  4.  Choose and approve your final payout. We provide you with an advisory price for selling and renting of your item. We take a 50% commission on each transaction. Lenders get 50% of the basic rental fee - that is, the amount of the dress minus 35 SR for dry-cleaning. For example, if a dress is listed as 300 SR, lenders would get 50% of 300 SR- 45 SR = 255 SR. (which means 127.5) (VAT and delivery fees are added on top of the basic rental fee.)
  5. Send your dress to us OR request pick up (Request a pickup and our courier representative will pick it up from you. Or you can simply send us your item (We receive items dry-cleaned, without hangers or original covers) to https://goo.gl/maps/xpiYZAzv2BxiJqzE9  Lend the Trend - Jeddah, Ar Rawda Dist. Hamad AlJasser St.
  6. We do the rest! We prepare the photoshoot for your item and publish it on the site within 15 days from the time we receive it!


  • What if I want to wear my items?

If you want to wear your item, simply contact us on [email protected] Please make sure it does not conflict with a rental

  • Why should I lend when I can consign?

Lending allows you to retain ownership of your item, so you have the option of wearing it again. Plus, by lending out your item on Lend the Trend, you can earn an indefinite amount of money, whereas selling it, you only get paid that one time.

  • Are fees applicable if my item is not rented or sold?

We ensure there are no charge fees in this case as we will bear all expenses.

  • On which criteria is the price of my item set?

We have a team of professional stylists who follow the international criteria in setting prices. We offer you a price after researching the estimated rental price, retail price of the dress, and its resale value. We also consider the condition of the item, its style, design, and the extent to which it is considered trendy.

  • Is there a way I can track my item’s activities?

You can simply check your account page to track your dress and its status; therefore, we recommend you log in regularly. You will also automatically receive an email informing you about the amount of money added to your wallet.

  • When do I get paid?

Once an order is complete, lenders will get credited. Their funds will transfer directly to your wallet under your Lend the Trend account. You can directly withdraw those funds to your bank account afterward.

  • How does Lend the Trend handle damages and repairs?

Dry cleaning and minor mishaps insurance are on us. If the damage was irreparable, the renter bears the responsibility as per rental agreement. LTT will ensure the Items while under LTT’s possession. The Lenders understand that after several rentals, the Item will not be in the same exact condition that it was in when given to LTT. In case of damage beyond repair, LTT will compensate the Lender with the same Item, if possible, or in accordance with the current market value depending on LTT’s consumption-based model Click Here. 

  • What type of items do you accept & offer?

Currently, we’re only taking in wedding dresses after approving them based on their condition. You can submit other categories items and we will contact you once we launch that category. Subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.

  • Does Lend the Trend has a physical location that can be visited?

For the meantime, we are an online platform. We have private showroom contact us through to book an appointment. Subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.

  • Do I have to register online to rent?

Registering is necessary. It will enable you to view the status of your order, to cancel it, and/or save items to your wishlist.

  • Is there an insurance fee?

There are a 30% insurance fees of the rental price charged for rented dresses. You receive back the full fee after 7 days after you return the dress.

  • Are all the items on Lend the Trend used?

Lend the Trend rents out both, new items from the latest fashion local designers and pre-owned items from dress owners. 

  • How do I make sure about the quality of items?

We receive all items in ideal condition, as we have our dedicated team specialized in dresses maintenance. We ensure our delivered item is in a perfect manner

  • Can I try the dresses on before renting?

Yes, you can by scheduling an appointment at our showroom through email [email protected] or be calling us on 0506555811.

  • What are the rental periods?

Dresses can be rented up to 4 days.

  • Are the dresses dry cleaned?

They are always dry cleaned before and after the rental free of charge.

  • Are the dresses steamed?

Yes; however, some pieces are delicate so they’re inclined to creasing. Contact us for advice if you receive any piece with creasing.

  • When should I reserve?

Dresses can be reserved up to 3 months in advance. We recommend you set the date of receiving the dress one day prior to your event.

  • Can I change my order?

You can change your order by contacting us on [email protected]

  • Can I change my rental date?

You can by contacting us before your order goes out for delivery.

  • Are there different colors and sizes available for each dress?

Available colors and sizes for each dress are presented under each piece.

  • Can I book an appointment?

You’re always welcome to visit our showroom. Contact us to book your appointment.

  • What are your working hours?

We are open during weekdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

  • Where is the showroom located?

We are located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Ar Rawda Dist.

  • When will a new collection become available?

Our collections are constantly being renewed, and we are constantly adding new dresses to our collection.

  • Can I keep an item?

If you want to purchase, contact us your request on [email protected] We will check whether the lender is willing to sell the item or not.

  • Who should I contact for any questions or concerns?

Contact us at [email protected], and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Delivery & Returns.

  • How does the shipping/delivery system work?

Simply input the address you would like your piece sent to; it will arrive at your doorstep!. Our driver will arrive with the piece you ordered on the date you picked.

  • How much are the delivery fees?

The delivery fees are 35 SR.

  • What time will my order arrive?

Your order will arrive on the date you’ve selected when you’ve inputted the order.

  • Is a signature required for delivery?

A signature is required for all deliveries.

  • What documents can be used to verify my identity?

A passport, a national identity card, and a driver’s license.

  • How do I return my order?

You will be contacted on the return date to arrange for the pickup.

  • Are there any order delay fees assigned to me?

For late returns, we charge a SAR 100 late fee each day after the 4th day of your rental.

  • How do I make sure about the quality of items?

We receive all items in ideal condition, as we have our dedicated team specialized in dresses maintenance. We ensure our delivered item is in a perfect manner.

  • What happens if my dress doesn’t arrive or it arrives late?

We do our utmost to ensure your package will arrive on the expected date, but on rare occasions, shipping companies may run into unexpected delays that are out of our control. In the event that this happens, we will issue you a full refund towards your next rental and, if there is time to do so, we can overnight a new style to you.

  • Can I extend my rental?

You can extend the rental period up to 8 days and pay 25% extra on the rental fees as long as it doesn’t conflict with another rental. Contact us your request on [email protected]

  • Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order by contacting us on [email protected] We will refund your order according to our cancellation policy.


Fit & Style

  • What if none of the dresses I ordered fit?

We can exchange them or refund them. Contact us to arrange the exchange or the refund for the next day.

  • Can the dresses be altered?

Minor alterations that include shortening and elongating can be applied, yet fabric cutting and altering the style cannot.


Payment & Refunds

  • What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Mada and Cash on Delivery.

  • Is my credit card info secure?

All online credit card transactions are processed using a secure online gateway that encrypts your card’s information.

  • Do I get a refund if I cancel an order?

Canceled orders will be refunded in accordance with our cancellation policy.